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Carrier Ceiling Type | Carrier Ceiling AC Price in Bangladesh

World famous Carrier Brand Ceiling Type Air Conditioner Best price with Replacement Guaranty Compressor provide Brand bazaar in Bangladesh. All Model Cassette Air Conditioner best Source in Bangladesh is Brand. Office , Factory and House you Can easily Choice this Carrier Ceiling Type Air Conditioner .

Carrier 3 ton Ceiling  AC 36000 BTU Price in Bangladesh

Carrier 4 ton Ceiling  AC 48000 BTU Price in Bangladesh

Carrier 5 ton Ceiling  AC 60000 BTU Price in Bangladesh

Carrier Ceiling  Air Conditioner Technology USA and made in China. This China Made Carrier Ceiling type AC is very good and assure chill cooling .
Free Installation, Free Transportation, Free 10 Feet Copper pipe.

Credit Card কাষ্টমারদের জন্য সর্বোচ্চEMI সুবিধা –(EBL, DBBL, MTB, SCB, UCB, City Bank, Brac Bank )


5 year compressor replacement guarantee, 1 year spare parts replacement guarantee, 1 years home service.

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