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Are you looking for a reliable platform to buy electronic products of your preferred
brand? is a repository of electronic products where all your preferable
brands are available. It brings together the best electric brands in Bangladesh and
seamlessly connects them with online customers across the country.
Brand Bazaar in Bangladesh has a huge mix of various popular brands from home and
abroad such as Gree, LG, General, Panasonic, Canon, Carrier, HP, Toshiba,
Mitsubishi, Nikon, Hitachi, Daikin, Globe, Sharp, Walton, National, and so on. You can
now buy the best quality product at home through Let's find out
about our products.
Sony TV
Sony Bravia is a recent technology of Sony that is used in Sony tv and it displays good
quality images. Bravia combines smart features with technology for a great online
experience. Now some Bravia models offer the most popular Android operating system.
Besides Sony 4K TV, and Sony OLED TV is available in the market at affordable
prices with a replacement guarantee.
Samsung has been meeting the up-to-date needs of Bangladeshi shoppers for a long
time. Due to which the demand for the latest models (Smart TV, Samsung 4K TV,
OLED TV) and various high-quality Samsung TVs can now be met in the country. Brand
Bazaar has ensured the supply at the lowest price with a replacement guarantee of any
model of this reputed brand of the world.
Also, welcome to the glorious picture and sound experience powered by real
intelligence on USH 4K QLED TV. Enjoy gameplay with a very smooth action without
any motion blur with exceptional motion enhancement. Breakthrough Quantum dot
technology with 100% of its color volume creates a great color that provides one of the
best TV pictures.
Air Conditioner

General Air Conditioner is one of the most preferable AC in the market of Bangladesh
with the promise of great customer service and product quality. One of the best Air
Conditioners is Brand Bazaar which offers General Window AC, Split Wall type air
conditioner, Ceiling Type AC, Carrier Air Conditioner, Cassette Type Ac at reasonable
prices. We are offering you various models of O General Air Conditioner where you
can get General 1.5 Ton, and 1.5 ton Portable AC at the lowest cost.
Once General brand AC is installed in the house, you can use it for many years without
any problems. Each model has a powerful cooling and technology-dependent automatic
remote control in the AC. It has high energy efficiency due to the advanced technology
used. General brand ACs have advanced hyper tropical specifications which are
suitable for Bangladeshi climates. General AC Price in Bangladesh may be within
your budget if you purchase the brand from the market.
Carrier Air Conditioner
Carrier AC is a trusted name among the good quality AC with a warranty. Carrier
Portable AC gives you a different experience and Carrier 1.5 Ton AC Price in
Bangladesh is more affordable than other AC brands. 2 year replacement guarantee
for 10 feet copper pipe in Carrier's Portable Air Conditioner. There is also Free
Installation and Free Delivery on Portable AC.
Gree Air Conditioner
Green air conditioners are popular among consumers in more than 160 countries
around the world. The world's number one brand Gree Air Conditioner is also the most
popular and trusted brand in our country. Bangladeshi consumers rely on Gree AC for
air conditioning in residential and industrial establishments.
As one of the top Gree Air Conditioner sellers in Bangladesh, we have been providing
high-quality Gree Air Conditioner. Gree inverter AC is a popular model which is on the
list of favorites of many. Visit Brand Bazaar to get Gree Bangladesh air conditioners at
a lower cost.
Home Appliance
Household appliances used in everyday life appliances are designed to facilitate family
work, to make a person comfortable in daily life. The importance of home appliances in
the modern home is a lot that makes your daily life easier. Philips and Panasonic are
well-known home appliance brands. Panasonic Home Appliance and Philips Home

Appliance have easily taken place in people's minds in terms of quality. Brand Bazar is
working to bring all the home appliances you need to your doorstep at a low cost.
Starting from the bath, the hot water of the geyser makes the work of the whole day
much easier in winter. Geyser is an essential item for winter days and different sizes are
available. The size of these geysers is calculated depending on how many liters of
water can be heated. Available in different sizes from 20 liters to 90 liters. Brands are
another important consideration.
Aristion Geyser is recommended because it will meet your needs within attractive
features and budget. Aristion brand 20 liter geysers cost BDT 8,500, 30 liters cost BDT
9,000 and 50 liters cost BDT 10,000. With geyser connection pipe will cost two, price
350 and geyser ball bulb will cost two, price BDT 300. Each geyser and fittings come
with a two-year warranty.
Modern technology allows housewives to easily prepare meals of any complexity.
Purees, patties, cocktails, and more can be prepared in a few minutes with a blender.
But many do not know which brand to choose. Our list of home appliances lists the well-
known brands of all appliances that will help you make quick choices.
Philips Multi-Use Blender has the advantage of using a strainer to make the juice. There
is also a separate panel for minced meat and ginger-garlic butter. You may have heard
the name Jaipan blender or juicer which is one of the tops. The price depends on
which model you choose, but you will find it within your budget. Brand Bazaar offers
each of your choices at the lowest price.
Home Theater
Home theater is such a gadget that everyone is familiar with. Many people have a
hobby of buying a new home theater every year. It is a device that provides both video
watching and listening facilities. There are a few home theaters that sound great and we
offer all of these.
The Sony Home Theater system is a remarkable invention. This is really great sound
quality. Sony BDV-N9200W 3D Blu-ray Sound Systems is a premium quality home
theater that supports a variety of formats and files to give you a high-resolution studio-
quality sound experience.

The music box is a subwoofer with five speakers and 1200 watts of RMS power that
enables digital music. The virtual football mode of this home theater has made the
device more attractive to its buyers. This 5.1 high-res music system has the ability to
convert analog sound to digital by controlling the frequency rate. You can run it
wirelessly via USB, NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. You can also enjoy 3D Blu-ray Disc playback
at this home theater.
Party box
JBL is a well-known brand on the party box list. This is a huge speaker that is designed
to rock any home party. You want to maintain some vibe like a hard speaker but this is
what you need in your life. The JBL Partybox says that it is a huge speaker that is
designed to rock any house party, you can organize a house party.
There are many ways you can connect this speaker. You can connect via Bluetooth,
RCA, Aux USB. You can also connect your own guitar and mic or go to karaoke with it.
If you want to take full advantage of the speakers, you can connect 2 part boxes with
Bluetooth or an RCA cable and enjoy the full stereo experience. It comes with a built-in
battery that takes about five hours to fully charge and gives a playtime of 18 hours after
a full charge. The speaker performs well in sound production, high frequencies clear
mids are good and bass is very rich. Brand Bazaar offers you this party box at a much
lower price with a replacement guarantee.
Mi Android TV
Xiaomi Mi Android TV has already gained popularity. It includes the Android operating
system. It includes the personalized Android operating system, including the MIUI TV,
developed by Xiaomi itself. If you buy it from an unauthorized sales center, the price will
be higher. So if you want to buy at a low price and within budget, buy from Brand
Why Buy From Us?
The number of e-commerce stores is increasing in today's world due to the increasing
use of various electronic devices. But to buy equipment of all popular domestic and
foreign brands, you need a place from where you can get affordable as well as security
on purchase. BrandBazaar.Com is the country's top store where you can shop for
products of your favorite brand. Accurate quality of each product, latest model,
affordable price, replacement guarantee, repairing warranty guarantees you to get the
original product.

We offer popular and newest models of famous brands for Television, Air Conditioner,
Home appliances, Camera, Mobile, computers,and Office Equipment. Additionally, with
the supply of your equipment, it is free to install and set up in addition to our free home
delivery in Dhaka. Brand Baazar has successfully ranked among the online users of
Bangladesh. We provide payment methods including cash on delivery, online payment,
swipe on delivery, and bKash payment. Your shopping will definitely be enjoyable with
Brand Bazaar.

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