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Gree Air Conditioner (AC) Online & offline at Brand Bazaar  with Cash on Delivery or by using your card. You can also buy Air Conditioner (AC) from an Brand Bazaar showroom. Best Electronics importer & Distributor in Bangladesh. with official warranty assures Brand Bazaar in Bangladesh. All model inverter & non inverter Split Portable window Ceiling Cassette floor standing Type AC is available at. Brand Bazaar Assure official 5 -10 Years replacement guaranty for Compressor, Free installation, Free Delivery, Free 10 feet copper pipe.

Gree air conditioner is one of the largest residential air conditioning brands and manufacturers. This company offers two types of air conditioners: house hold air conditioner & commercial air conditioner. Gree is world’s first company which manufactures two compressor in one single air conditioner. If you want to know Gree AC Price in Bangladesh then this guideline for you. We discuss here all variations of Gree AC in Bangladesh.

Are you looking for a 100% Original Gree AC in Bangladesh? Let’s See Gree 1 ton 12000 BTU ac price in Bangladesh. Gree 1.5 Ton ac price in Bangladesh (18000 BTU), Gree 2 ton Ac price in Bangladesh (18000 BTU). Gree 1 ton Inverter AC price in Bangladesh (12000 BTU, 5 Star Rating energy saving), Gree 1.5 Ton Inverter ac price in Bangladesh (18000 BTU, 5 Star enerrgy saving), Gree 2 ton inverter ac price in Bangladesh (24000 Btu, 5 star energy saving). Gree has 3 ton 4 ton 5 ton Floor standing, Ceiling and cassette type air conditioner. 1.5 ton and 2 ton window type air conditioner.  3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet air cutter. 1 Ton Portable air conditioner. Gree Air Purifier(GCF-350ASNA) also available at Brand Bazaar Shop in Bangladesh Market. You can buy Gree air conditioner according to your requirements and budget. See Gree AC price in Bangladesh 2021-2022 and features.

  • 100% official warranty, perfect BTU, copper condenser with all accessories.
  • 3* energy-saving non-inverter ac & Inverter 5* energy saving
  • Automatically adjusts the indoor temperature in cooling or heating to reduce power consumption and maximize savings.
  • No outdoor or indoor noise.  Dual dc inverter, that means up to 80% energy saving.
  • USE HIGHLY EFFICIENT R410A SYSTEM. Chlorine-free, more environmentally friendly refrigerant than its predecessor.
  • Fewer insects and parasites & most importantly user friendly & best quality.
  • Fewer insects and parasites & most importantly user friendly & best quality.

Gree Inverter & No-inverter AC Price in Bangladesh

Gree Ceiling Type AC Price in Bangladesh

Gree Cassette Type AC Price in Bangladesh

Gree Portable AC Price in Bangladesh


Important You Shod Know before Buying A Gree AC:

Inverter & non-inverter ac main difference is energy or electricity saving upto 40-60%. But inverter ac price is higher than the non-inverter ac. Inverter ac will save your electricity bill.

Air Quality :

Indoor air quality is very important when installing ac in a home. Which is why ac with good filtering is very important to improve indoor air quality. A good quality filter not only ensure fresh air but also enhances the cooling and power performance of ac by preventing the coil evaporator coil from dust.

Installation Requirements:

Gree window ac is an integrated unit design for attachment to windows. The separated ac has an outdoor compressor unit and one indoor unit inside the room, specially designed for better ventilation. Installation must always be done at an better service center. In Bangladesh Brand Bazaar provide Free installation + Free Delivery + Free 10 feet Copper Pipe (Dhaka City). if Angle need – per unit angle price – 1500/-. Additional per feet copper pipe 350-550 tK.

How To Choose Gree AC for Yor Home & Office ?

air Conditioner power or tonnage should be considered depending on the size of the floor or room here ac is required. A rough estimation is that an area in the range of 120-140 sf. area will need 1 ton ac, for the 150-180sf area will need 1.5 ton ac and 180-240 sft area will need approx. 2 ton cooling capacity ac. The size/ capacity of the ac should be the same as the size of your room. if the big one cannot provide the right corpse and the small one will cost you a lot of energy consumption. If your room is close to the kitchen or the wall of your room is directly exposed to the sun, you will need an air conditioner with a high cooling capacity.

The AC should have a flexible thermostat (temperature setting) and at least to cooling speeds, as well as a minimum of two fan speeds as you want to use the variable speeds at different times of the day. The energy saving setting will be a beneficial addition as it help save energy while providing good cooling.

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