Samsung vs Sony TV : which is better in Bangladesh?

Samsung vs Sony TV : which is better in Bangladesh?

On the hunt for a new TV? Samsung and Sony are two of the biggest names in the business, and each offers a dazzling array of 4K, HDR and even 8K TVs to fit almost any budget. But which brand makes the smartest smart TVs? What are the pros and cons of these top brands? And which one belongs in your living room? Read on as we walk you through the battleground that is Samsung vs Sony. Brand Bazaar in Bangladesh provide 100% original Smart led 4K android OLED QLED TV. Ensure 2 Years Panel Warranty and 10 Years service.

Samsung and Sony TVs might look similar when you see them in a showroom, but look beneath the surface and you’ll find they’re strikingly different. From the use of different TV technologies in some models (OLED vs QLED) to different HDR formats supported, voice assistants and smart features, Sony and Samsung plough their own furrow.

So, which TV brand is best for you? Both specialize in premium, high-end sets, but also offer plenty of mid-range and more affordable models. To help you find the perfect TV, we’ve reviewed some of the best that Samsung and Sony have to offer and assessed each brand’s unique strengths and weaknesses. Here’s our handy guide to Samsung vs Sony TVs…



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