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Haier Air Conditioner

Best Haier AC Available at the Latest Price in BD

The well-known name Haier is used worldwide for electronics and home equipment, including air conditioners. Because of their reputation for excellence, innovation, and efficiency, Haier ac is a preferred option for customers all around the world, including Bangladesh. Bangladesh's hot and muggy weather is designed to be handled by Haier air conditioners. Haier air conditioners provide chilly air blasts that are soothing, even during intense heat waves, thanks to their strong compressors and effective cooling technologies. Brandbazaar BD offers a variety of Haier air conditioners in Bangladesh at reasonable costs, perfect for those who want to stay cool during the sweltering summer months or want to keep their home comfortable all year round.

Different Types of Haier AC

Haier offers a variety of air conditioning units to meet different needs and preferences. Here are some of the different types:

Haier Split AC

Split air conditioners from Haier are made to cool certain rooms or areas. The compressor and condenser of this kind of Haier air conditioner are housed in an outside unit, and the blower is housed in an indoor unit. This design guarantees effective cooling without sacrificing style. With some models providing up to 65% energy savings, Haier's split air conditioners are well known for their energy efficiency. These Haier air conditioners frequently have built-in air purifiers, guaranteeing that the air in your room is both cold and clean. For the various cooling needs of different room sizes, Haier Split ACs have capacities of 1 to 2 tons.

Haier Tower AC

Tower air conditioners from Haier are adaptable and portable cooling options. These Haier air conditioners, housed in a solitary free-standing unit, provide effective cooling even in warm settings. Haier's tower air conditioners are built with anti-dust filters and energy-efficient dual rotary compressors to provide cool, clean air circulation. Advanced features like voice control and Wi-Fi are also included in some of these Haier air conditioners, giving users even more convenience and control over their cooling experience.

Haier Cassette AC

Haier cassette air conditioners provide a discrete cooling solution, making them ideal for areas with limited installation alternatives or where aesthetics are a priority. These ceiling-mounted Haier air conditioners use Round Way Air Flow technology to provide even distribution of cold air and maximum airflow for quick cooling.

Haier Ceiling AC

Another kind of business air conditioner that resembles cassette-type ACs is the Haier Ceiling AC. These Haier air conditioners have a directed airflow design that provides comfort, energy savings, and smart features. The Haier Ceiling type AC's 3D airflow mechanism guarantees uniform air distribution, and the holes for fresh air intake enhance the quality of the air. These Haier air conditioners, which have capacities of three and four tons, are perfect for large commercial settings like hallways and expansive offices.

Buying Guidelines For Haier AC in Bangladesh

When considering purchasing a Haier air conditioner (AC), there are several key factors to keep in mind to ensure you get the right model for your needs:

Enhanced Cooling

With its innovative cooling technology, Haier Air Conditioners can achieve accurate temperature control, 10 seconds supersonic cooling, and turbo cooling modes. Haier air conditioners have these qualities, which provide rapid cooling, uniform air distribution, and steady temperature control over the space, making for an excellent cooling experience.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Haier air conditioners are engineered with contemporary features such as energy-saving modes and inverter compressors, which lead to increased energy efficiency. This keeps your home's climate comfortable while consuming less energy and paying less for utilities.

Quality Materials

Made with high-quality materials, Haier brand AC is durable and long-lasting. Moreover, by providing a long-term warranty, users can use this brand of ACs with peace of mind for a long time.

Smart and Connected Features

Haier is aware of how crucial connectivity and ease are in the modern environment. Thanks to their smart features and Wi-Fi compatibility, modern Haier air conditioners let you monitor and manage them from a distance using mobile apps. You can always come home to an ideal temperature thanks to this deHaier of control.

Is Haier a good air conditioner brand?

The Haier brand has gained recognition for offering reliable and budget-friendly appliances, and their Window AC units are no exception. Installation of Haier Window AC units is straightforward, and they are designed to fit most standard window openings.

  • Model : HSU-18CleanCool
  • Triple Inverter (Upto 65% Energy Saving )
  • 18000 BTU
  • Rotary Type Compressor
  • Eco Friendly Healthy Gas - R32
  • Wide Voltage opination - 150-264
  • 3D Air Flow
  • High Powerful PCB
  • 100% Copper Condenser (Gold Fin) (2024 updated)
  • Auto Self Clean Function
  • 100% Official products (Haier Bangladesh )
  • Warranty : 10 Years Compressor Warranty, 1 Year Saper Parts, 1 Year Service (Provide Haier Bangladesh)
  • Free Installation ( Dhaka City ) + Free Delivery + 10 feet Copper Pipe
  • Haier AC Authorized Showroom Brand Bazaar - Call : 01719117333 / 01799922318
64,500৳ 69,990৳
Ex Tax:64,500৳
  • Model - HSU-12turbocool
  • Non Inverter AC
  • 12000 BTU
  • R32 Gas
  • Rotary Compressor
  • Official Warranty
  • 100% Official Products (Haier Bangladesh)
  • Room Coverage - 80-140 SFT
  • 100% Copper Condenser (Gold Fin)
  • Warranty : 5 Years Compressor Warranty, 1 Year Saper Parts, 1 Year Service (Provide Haier Bangladesh)
  • Free Installation ( Dhaka City ) + Free Delivery + 10 feet Copper Pipe
  • Haier AC Showroom Brand Bazaar - Call : 01719117333 / 01799922318
44,500৳ 48,000৳
Ex Tax:44,500৳
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