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Fujitsu General Ltd is the largest Ac and Home Appliance producer in Japan. General is the Eco Friendly and Environment friendly Air conditioner. Are you looking for 100% Original Made in Thailand General Air Conditioner 2021-2022 models in Bangladesh with Lowest price and 3 Years Compressor Warranty? From the cheaper but almost obsolete window unit to the latest energy-saving inverter models, there are many kinds of air conditioners to choose from. While a window AC may be the cheapest option, it still requires sufficient space and wall thickness for support. While commercial spaces use central air conditioning or ceiling ACs, the slimmer split models are the most popular choice for households. While inverter ACs are comparatively more expensive than their non-inverter counterparts, for usage exceeding 4 hours a day, an inverter AC might be more efficient in the long run. In terms of brand, there are many options available in the market, such as Carrier, Globe Aire, Hitachi, LG, Philips, Singer, Haier, Whirlpool and Kelvinator or domestic brands like Walton, Vision, MyOne and Jamuna among others. Choosing the right brand of air conditioner comes down to budget, features and personal preference. If you need brand , quality, 100% BTU, you must choice General Air Conditioner. Efficiency and power saving ratings Almost every air conditioner comes with an Energy Efficiency Rating or EER rating (ranging from energy star level 1 to 5), which shows an AC's cooling efficiency.  EER is the ratio of the cooling capacity (in British thermal units or BTU per hour) to the power input (in watts). The higher the EER rating, the better cooling the unit provides at lower power costs. But the more stars an AC has for its EER rating, the heftier the price tag.

For your room size you can choice your ac.

The first thing to consider when buying an AC is the size of the room it will be placed in. Several online calculation tools measure the required tonnage (or cooling capacity) for an AC based on room size. But the easiest method is to multiply the length and breadth of a room (in feet), take the square root of the result and divide it by 10. Alternatively, the volume of the room can be measured (in cubic feet) and divided by 1000, which shows how many tons an AC should be for efficient cooling. Apart from room size, placement of windows and a number of sun-facing walls are also factors to consider. A representative from Singer says, "Considering average room size customers are most likely to purchase ACs between 1 to 1.5 tons for home use. For offices and commercial spaces, the bigger 2 to 5 ton ACs are needed". Room size 80-140 SFT  - General 1 ton Split AC (12000 BTU) Room size 120-180 SFT  - General 1.5 ton Split AC (18000 BTU) Room size 150-250 SFT  - General 2 ton Split AC (24000 BTU) Room size 220-300 SFT  - General 2.5 ton Split AC (30000 BTU)  

Let's  general air conditioner are type in Bangladesh:

General Split type air conditioner :

1 Ton Split AC (12000 BTU), 1.5 Ton Split AC (18000 BTU), 2 Ton Split AC (24000 BTU), 3 Ton Split AC (30000 BTU). This split type General ac is very good for your Home and office purpose. 3 years Compressor Warranty. Sharp Air Conditioner Price list 2022 Bangladesh : Sharp Inverter & No inverter AC | 6 Months 0% EMI Hitachi Air Conditioner Price list 2022 Bangladesh : Hitachi Inverter & No inverter AC | 6 Months 0% EMI

General Window Type Air Conditioner :

General 1.5 Ton (18000 BTU) window type Air conditioner Remote control.  General 2 ton Window AC (24000 BTU) remote control. 3 Years Compressor Warranty.

General Ceiling Type Air Conditioner :

General 3 ton ceiling type ac (36000 BTU), General 4 ton ceiling type ac (48000 BTU), General 5 ton ceiling type ac (56000 BTU). 3 Years compressor Warranty.

General Cassette Type Air Conditioner :

General 1.5 Ton Cassette type AC (18000 BTU), General 2 Ton Cassette type AC (24000 BTU), General 2.5 Ton Cassette type AC (30000 BTU), General 3 Ton Cassette type AC (36000 BTU), General 4 Ton Cassette type AC (48000 BTU), General 5 Ton Cassette type AC (56000 BTU) You can enjoy 100% General air conditioner according to your requirements. General Air conditioner is the extreme cooling machine in Bangladesh. It has lot of demand in personal or commercial use. We are selling small to large Air conditioner with top class service. Our hot selling item is General Window Ac, wall Split Ac, Cassette Ac and Ceiling Ac with 1 Ton to 5 Ton.   Warranty : 3 Years Compressor, 1 Years Spare Part, 1 Years Free Home Service Brand Bazaar Happy Arcade Shopping Mall Shop No # 29-30, 1st Floor, House No # 3, Road No # 3, Dhanmondi, (Back Side of City College), , Dhaka-1205 Mobile: 01618028590 / 01619550030