General Air Conditioner Price in Bangladesh 2024

General Air Conditioner Split Wall type air Conditioner ,  General Window Type Air Conditioner , Ceiling Type, Cassette Type Ac best shop in Bangladesh is Brand Bazaar . Always lowest Price with replacement Guaranty, Free installation, Free Home delivery provide Brand Bazaar in Bangladesh. 100% original brand new , 100% Japan Technology, Thailand Made all model air conditioner are available at Brand Bazaar Shop .

General Split Air Conditioner 2024

ASG12AEC, (1 Ton), ASG18FMTA, (1.5 Ton),ASG24FMTA, (2 Ton)
Split 1 Ton ASGA12A - 5 years Warranty
Split 1 Ton ASGA12BMTA – 5 years Warranty
Split 1.5 Ton ASGA18FETA -5 years Warranty
Split 1.5 Ton ASGA18FMTA -5 years Warranty
Split 2.0 Ton ASGA24FMTA– 5 years Warranty
Split 2 .0 Ton ASGA24FMTB- 5 year Warranty
Split 2.0 Ton ASGA24FETA – 5 years Warranty

General Ceiling Air Conditioner

ABG36ABA, (3 Ton), ABG45ABA, (4Ton), ABG54ABA, (5 Ton)
General Cassette Air_Conditioner
AUG18ABA, (1.5 Ton), AUG24ABA, (2 Ton), AUG30ABA, (2.5 Ton)
AUG36ABA, (3 Ton), AUG45ABA, (4 Ton), AUG54ABA, (5 Ton)

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