Sony  name was created by combining "SONYS", the original brand shop Latin for "SONIC", and this sound mean, with "Sony bd" a reference to its small size or a little boy. Was chosen for the simple pronunciation which is the same in any language or any brand bazaar.

SONY was once the most powerful brand in the field of consumer electronics name. Free fall from grace, through this venerable brand has lessons for all of us. Onine brand shop is a tale of the importance and arrogance. Innovation and ignorance of the market. Retail Excellence and benign neglect. Shortly before, and SONY CFO to replace her because of an unexpected loss of USD $ 1.1billion (Yes ... this is billion with a capital B).

Think for a moment about brand bazar SONY sub and brands under its umbrella companies. TRINITRON. Violin. Guard, PlayStation. Betamax. This Blu-ray. Vaio. Handicam, 3.5 "floppy disks, memory sticks, Ericsson, Bravia, SONY Music Entertainment and on and on. Have owned most of us, at some point in time something made by SONY stage stage. A few of the products disappointed the market and after the force that is the brand expect such SONY bd brought to sub-brands almost disappeared.


SONY recently divested itself of the PC market and the end of the Vaio is in sight. It is now the time of online brand shop Even taken SONY Entertainment hit and fell in a two-way tie with Paramount and Warner Brothers past storms. Ericsson has had disappointing sales and sources of accumulated. In short, SONY  bd losing ground everywhere.

There was a time when even SONY dominate the high-end tube TV market with its Trinitron brand bazaar that consumers did not routinely a small sticker on the bottom left of the screen to stay on after the purchase. Said quietly, "as SONY Corporation." Today online brand shop is struggling afterthought as a market crowded consumer electronics has sucked the wind out of the sales SONY. There are more than a few critics marketing all over the lump SONY access using a mix brand shop that unenviable will disappear in 2014. I do not believe it or predictable. But one thing is certain, SONY will slip even farther from the top in every category except gaming. A class, by the way, that SONY bd lead by selling PlayStation 4 for less than the cost of production.

Sony name was created by combining "SONUS", the original brand shop Latin for "SONIC", and this sound mean, with "Sony bd" a reference to its small size or a little boy. Was chosen for the simple pronunciation which is the same in any language or any brand bazaar.

Part of the problem with SONY today can be found in their portfolios themselves. Is just a very large and very diverse in their categories, and also focused on the sub-brand bazaar  names. You must be filtered and uniformity in the future for SONY bd. There are a large number of electronic devices and the proliferation of focus means that SONY customer demand for the selection of sub- brand bazaar rather than selecting the parent company brand bazar. Apple, for example, has a sub-brands, but the consumer buys apples. It's Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Apple Macintosh, and Apple's iTunes, and the Apple iPod. I think when we look at the history of SONY bd, can be attributed to the failure of Marketing tightly to its view of itself as an electronics company instead of Marketing / Communications Company (each marketing consumer products company should look at itself as a point of contact with the manufacturing and protective).

As a manufacturer of electronic products, SONY always advanced the style and polish of Apple Inc., for example. SONY lived by the sword and died as a result of innovation aa blade itself. They reduced the market in many cases. Betamax is a perfect example. Online brand shop marketed better technology (Beta vs. VHS) and after that the contraction of the market by others that he has a better job of understanding the consumer. In the Betamax versus VHS dual, and SONY brand bazar is believed to improve the image quality is more important than the ability to record three times the programming on one tape.


They created a personal music player market with Walkman- even own content owned record company, but unsuccessful to fully understand the consumer. In the book Steve Jobs, online brand shop has a major shortcoming of SONY bd. He said what they have in the market, which is owned by the content and hopeless after clung to the idea that it should still sell albums instead of individual songs. Steve said he feared that the SONY by selling individual songs digitally been dismantled record sales. "Thus the company going there own way...

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