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Credit Card কাষ্টমারদের জন্য সর্বোচ্চ 3 – 12 মাস পর্যন্ত কিস্তি সুবিধা – (City Bank, Brac Bank Credit Card) It's not every year that Sony launches a brand new TV processor to run throughout its range, so we have high hopes for the Sony 2021 TV line-up – not least as our first impression comes courtesy of the excellent Sony XR-55A90J OLED TV. The range is headlined by the Cognitive Processor XR chip, which adds an extra layer of cognitive intelligence analysis to the already excellent Sony AI Processing and should therefore, hopefully, produce even better pictures and sound.
The Sony 2021 TV range has no huge surprises in terms of models and panel sizes compared to last year's launch, with all sets designed to replace predecessors. With three TV gongs in our most recent What Hi-Fi? Awards, that's no bad thing. There are two Master Series models (an 8K LCD and a 4K OLED), a slightly lower specced OLED model and then two more full array LED series, all featuring the Cognitive Processor XR. There are more budget, edge-lit, non-XR models in the new range, too. Prices have just started to filter through with the first firm details available for the A90J Master Series OLED TVs, the step-down A80J OLEDs and the affordable, full array X80J and X81J LEDs. The 55in and 65in versions of the premium A90J TVs are the most reasonably priced Master Series sets from Sony to date. The X80J range offers huge choice starting with 43in models in the mid-hundreds all the way up to 77in panels for just one and a half thousand.

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